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Program Design

Homework Zone Program Pack


For Grades 7-12: Help children and youth build 21st century skills and succeed as students. Turn homework time into time for active, engaged learning where students work on homework, school projects, and skill-building in a positive, supportive, youth-centered environment.

For Grades 7 - 12

Homework time that works...


Students working together, studying, completing assignments, finishing projects…a place students want to be, buzzing with minds at work.

Use the Homework Zone Program Pack to set up and run homework time for middle and high school students that works all year.

Homework Time, Afterschool Style


For Grades K-6: Customizable tools and templates to fit your program Interactive checklists and forms for ready-to-go operations Make-your-own manual with what you need, when you need it. Complete tools for staff training.


For Grades K - 6

Homework Time, Afterschool Style:
It Works

Launch Homework time with style and ramp up quality-fast!

  • How everyone can help with homework
  • Setting up space and activities to manage behavior-and learning!
  • Communicating with families, schools, and children
  • Train staff for homework time
  • Designed especially for elementary programs

Dynamic CD format

Global GraffitiWall Style Guide & CD


Tap kids’ natural curiosity about the world, afterschool style! Irresistible, global-themed games and activities get them on their feet, exploring people, places, and languages near and far.

Tap kids’ natural curiosity to reach around the world.

Global GraffitiWall, Afterschool Style Guide with CD gets it going with fast, easy-to-make, on-the-wall games, puzzles, activities, and projects with a global view.

Dozens of activities and projects for grades 4 through 9, with adaptations, variations, and extensions, keep global learning exciting all year. Deepen the reach with tools and techniques for follow-up, and for engaging schools, families, and communities.

Use the 45-minute Staff Meeting Plan to get everyone started. Then take off—around the world!

GraffitiWall®, Afterschool Style Guide & CD


Instant on-the-wall activities for challenge, skill building, and fun. Get kids of all ages guessing, jotting, puzzling, and playing during transitions, when homework’s done, at pick-up-time—anytime!

The writing is on the Wall!

GraffitiWall®, Afterschool Style Guide with CD activates learning with ‘gotta-try-em' activities that have kids guessing, jotting, puzzling, and playing.

Dozens of GraffitiWall activities for grades 4 through 9, variations and level adaptations keep it going all year.

Start out strong with the 45-minute Staff Meeting Plan. Detailed teaching tools, level adaptations, reproducibles and checklists keep it going with quality.

All activities, planners, and forms are easily reproduced from the CD.

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