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Call for Presenters

Proposals for the Beyond School Hours conference addressing school day, before- and after-school, extended day, community-based, and summer opportunities, as well as workforce development, higher education, and field-building research are encouraged. Foundations is searching for exceptional presenters to explore best practices and cutting-edge issues that influence the healthy academic, social, and emotional development of children and youth. As a presenter you will reach a national audience of practitioners, supervisors, directors and policy-makers who are committed to help young people flourish in out-of-school time. Conference strands include:
  • Partnering for Success (Multifaceted, Innovative, Successful Collaborations Among Schools, Districts, OST Providers, Families, Communities, Social Services, Corporations; Sustainability; Scalability; Higher Education; Grant Writing; Integrated Services)
  • Grade Level Reading, Language and Literacy (Organizing for Success; Approaches and Methodology; English Language Learners and Learning; Academic Enrichment; Accountability; Measuring Success; Aligning Programs; Developing the Whole Child; Replicating and Sustaining Success)
  • Innovations and Explorations for Learning (Applied Learning; Maximizing Technology; STEM; Arts; Project-Based Learning; Expanding Learning Through Partnerships; Equity and Diversity in Programming; Using Nature for Interdisciplinary Learning; Turning Around Low Performing Schools)
  • Quality Building (Professional Development; Technical Assistance; Supervision; Issues and Research; Advocacy; Capacity Building; Leadership; Certification; Assessment; Evaluation)
  • Education for Sustainable Communities (Aligning/Redesigning Core Curriculum; Sustainable Schools; Global Literacy; Cultural Competence; Applied STEM; Civic Engagement; Green Jobs; Community Development; Healthy Stewards; Science of Sustainability; Preparing Students for an Emerging Green Economy; Nurturing Healthy Learning Communities)
  • Engaging Older Youth (High School Graduation; Transitions; Youth Leadership; Life Skills; Relationship Skills; Recruiting and Retaining Youth; Workforce Development; Project-Based Learning; Self-Directed Learners; Engaging Under-represented Learners; Preparing Young Professionals)
Selection criteria include:
  • Is the workshop appropriate for the target audience?
  • Is the content relevant to current needs, issues and trends?
  • Will the workshop actively engage participants through a variety of approaches?
  • Will the workshop content and materials be useful to participants?
  • Do the workshop abstract and description align with the workshop objectives?
Please note these important deadlines:
  • Presentation proposal due: June 30, 2010
  • Decision by selection committee: November 5, 2010
Thank you for your interest in presenting at Beyond School Hours® XIV. Please complete all fields accurately. The information you provide will appear in conference publications. [ * = required information ]
Basic Information

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Workshop Description

(500 to 750 words - maximum 3000 characters) - Please describe your session. Include the degree of participant involvement, the extent to which the session will provide hands-on learning opportunities, and the practical usefulness to the participant of the knowledge gained. All workshops will be 75 minutes in length.

Workshop Abstract (25 to 50 words - maximum 250 characters) – The workshop abstract will be used to promote the session in the conference guide. Please be certain the abstract accurately reflects the session content.

List participant outcomes.

Describe training techniques and activities planned.

Check all that pertain.

Check all that pertain.

A support package (screen and power cord(s)) will be provided by Foundations. Foundations does not provide LCD projectors, laptops, overheads, microphones, and/or other technology. In the event the presenter desires equipment, supplies, or materials, the presenter must provide such equipment or make arrangements with the Hotel at the presenter’s sole cost and expense.

Room arrangements shall be in accordance with conference space and needs.

Your signature indicates your understanding of the above and your commitment to be present for all of the workshops for which you will be/have been scheduled. Your application cannot be considered without your signature.

  • If accepted, a registration form will be forwarded to you for completion and return within 10 days.
  • The registration fee for the first presenter is reduced to $150. Please make checks payable to Foundations, Inc.
  • All travel and lodging are the presenter’s responsibility. Travel and lodging arrangements can be made by contacting Travel Leaders at 800-248-9990.
  • If there is a co-presenter, a registration form must be submitted to the travel agency within 30 days of acceptance along with a check in the amount of $399. Please make checks payable to Foundations, Inc.
  • One copy of each handout that will be used in the presentation must be forwarded to Foundations/BSH XIV by January 7, 2011 to presenters@foundationsinc.org.
  • Presenters are responsible for duplicating and providing copies of all handouts to participants.
  • Presenters must be available to repeat their sessions on two or three occasions.
  • Limit lecture time and provide plenty of opportunities for audience participation. (Everyone in your audience has knowledge to share.)
  • Provide a general overview of your topic.
  • Have groups share what they have done or discussed.

Upon arrival, presenters must check in to receive a conference information folder and name tag. Evaluation forms will be distributed to workshop attendees at the beginning of each session and collected at the end of each session.