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From planning staff training to developing engaging projects to incorporating activities that reach all your students, this pack has everything you need.

You Save: $24.05

Take off with fast, easy-to-make, GraffitiWall games, puzzles, activities, and projects. This two resource set combines our popular GraffitiWall, Global GraffitiWall, and STEM GraffitiWall, Afterschool Style Guides and CDs.

You Save: $10.00

Bolster student learning across the school day and in summer with these easy-to-use guides.


Keep students engaged all year-long with fun, hands-on activities that promote literacy, global learning, math, and science.


Take homework time to the next level with engaging learning activities and projects that help children and youth in grades K-12 succeed as students and build 21st century skills.

You Save: $9.95

Our activity-packed resources, More Than Just Talk and STEM GraffitiWall, combine to foster language development with active learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

You Save: $5.00

Train staff to build afterschool style and keep it going. This three resource pack combines Afterschool Style in Practice: 25 Skill-Building Meetings for Staff, GraffitiWall, and More Than Just Talk.


Turn homework time into time for active, engaged learning where students work on homework, school projects, and skill-building in a positive, supportive, youth centered environment. This two resource set combines Homework Time, Afterschool Style with Homework Zone Program Pack.

You Save: $9.95