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Literacy and Learning Pack

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Keep students engaged all year-long with fun, hands-on activities that promote literacy, global learning, math, and science.

START by boosting communication and literacy with activities, projects, and games that build and expand language skills, academics, and confidence:

  • More Than Just Talk: Everyday English Language Teaching helps you get kids engaged while building academic vocabulary, reinforcing school-year learning, and involving families in their students' success.

THEN activate EVEN MORE learning with exciting, on-the-wall games, puzzles, and projects you can adapt for different grade levels:

  • Global GraffitiWall Style Guide & CD inspires kids to get on their feet and explore people, places, and languages near and far.
  • GraffitiWall Style Guide & CD gets kids guessing, jotting, puzzling, and playing in language arts, math, science, and social studies.


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