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Mission and Values


The mission of PCAT is to foster impassioned, engaged and employable youth who are equipped with the academic, work, and life skills they need in order to thrive in the 21st century. We do this by providing them with hands-on, project based STEAM learning opportunities.


Our staff and students are held to a set of core values that are reflected in everything we do. These values structure our programs, inform our trainings and create an environment that is welcoming, inspiring and supportive for all participants.

Respect: At PCAT we respect ourselves, each other, and our environment. We treat each other as equals by embracing our strengths and recognizing that we all have weaknesses. 

Collaboration: We value diversity, the skills, talents, background, creativity and perspectives of our staff and students. We strive to build a culture of community and togetherness.

Engagement: We enjoy being around others and having fun. We keep a sense of humor during our work and believe that having a pleasant, positive attitude is a key to success.

Learning:We are active, enthusiastic participants in our learning and we recognize opportunities for personal and academic growth. We are dedicated to exposing ourselves to new challenges and we support and encourage others in learning and growing from their experiences.

Excellence: We set high standards to create a safe and engaging environment for everyone. We maximize our time to be productive and hold each other accountable to stay on the path towards excellence.

To learn more about Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology (PCAT), call 267-297-6231, stop by 2111-31 Eastburn Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19138, or email pcat@foundationsinc.org.