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Our Partners

Through partnerships with local corporations, schools, and individuals, PCAT is able to make a difference in surrounding communities and neighborhoods in Northwest Philadelphia. Our partners include:

ACT Academy Cyber Charter High School
ACT Academy is a Pennsylvania Public Cyber Charter High School. With offices and a drop in center located at PCAT, ACT Academy provides and educational choice to the students. Each day about 40 students work from PCAT to complete their online course and receive instructional support. Many students participate in PCAT’s afterschool and summer programs.

EPIC Stakeholders
Community EPIC Stakeholder Groups are made up of individuals who live and/or work in a community and are actively involved in the continued development of that community including eradicating challenges to school attendance and performance. Recognizing that truancy is generally a symptom of other problems occurring for the family such as of poverty, lack of family cohesion, child abuse/neglect, community violence and/or behavioral and physical health problems, stakeholder groups are committed to addressing challenges facing the community. EPIC Stakeholders had a permanent office space at PCAT and provided the PCAT staff with guidance around individual student and family support.

Philadelphia Community Youth Court (PCYC)
Philadelphia Community Youth Court is a community based Youth Court for children of the Philadelphia region to have a trial before their peers for offenses such as truancy, disruptive behavior in school, theft, and profanity and other offenses instead of or prior to the CJC or City Hall Judicial system. Youth Court also teaches students about careers in the judicial system and allows them to participate in student trials. PCYC has a permanent office at PCAT and provides technical assistance and support with PCAT’s restorative justice behavioral management system.

SCH Creative and Performing Arts (SCH CAPA)
SCH CAPA is a small organization that provides small group enrichment and instruction in the creative and performing arts. SCH offers seasonal classes at PCAT that include photography, fashion design, theater, dance, music production, and singing. Classes occur in the late evening, allowing PCAT’s afterschool students to also participate in SCH CAPA.

Pathways PA
Pathways PA provides adult basic education classes to community members who are interested in re-entering the work force and may be preparing to obtain a GED or other certification. Pathways also partners to provide tax services and other financial services to the PCAT community.

Other Partners Include:
Higher Ed Partners

  • Arcadia University
  • Community College of Philadelphia
  • LaSalle University
  • The Drexel College of Medicine

School Partners

  • The School District of Philadelphia
  • Wissahickon Charter School
  • New Media Charter School
  • St. Raymond
  • St. Athanasius
  • Holy Cross
  • Arise Charter School

Non-Profit Partners

  • Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corporation
  • The Franklin Institute
  • Northwest Community Coalition for Youth
  • Women in Forensics
  • Juvenile Justice Center
  • Indy Hall
  • Ombudsman Educational Services
  • Influencing Action Movement

To learn more about Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology (PCAT), call 267-297-6231, stop by 2111-31 Eastburn Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19138, or email pcat@foundationsinc.org.