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What Our Students Are Learning

Our programs have had an extremely positive impact on participants.

Here are just a few of the things our students have learned:

Full STEAM Ahead:

  • 70% of students improved their science grades. 
  • 83% of students expressed increased interest in STEM.
  • 60% of students made grade improvements in math and reading.
    • Reading improved by an average of a full letter grade.
    • Mathematics improved by an average of nearly two letter grades.
  • Teachers reported the number students who were motivated to learn went from just 30% to 75%
  • The percentage of students who completed assignments and participated in class, increased from 38% and 43%, respectively, to 71% and 73%.
  • The number of students with school day attendance issues decreased from 50% to just 24%

PCAT participation also expands our students’ adult support network. Prior to their participation in PCAT programs, less than half of middle school students reported that they had support from adults in completing academic work.  By the end of one year in the program, that number moved to nearly 90%, with an additional 15% reporting that they did not need assistance.

Most encouraging of all, our assessments have highlighted consistent increases in the number of students who plan on completing high school and college following participation in this program.

Designing U:

Evaluations of this program indicate that students are gaining the skills and knowledge needed in order to be competitive academically and successful once they complete high school.

Students have shown great academic improvements:

  • 70% of PCAT’s high school participants achieved academic growth over the course of a school year as measured by baseline and final grade reports, resulting in an average GPA increase of an entire letter grade. 
  • Reading improved by an average of nearly two letter grades.
  • Mathematics improved by an average of approximately 1½ letter grades.
  • Science improved by an average of approximately 1½ letter grades.
  • Social Sciences improved by an average of 2¼ letter grades.
  • 30% of PCAT students deemed unlikely to pass their grade in baseline measurement improved to a passing GPA over the course of one year.
  • Homework completion rate of students increased by over 90%.

Student’s have also shown enormous growth in their use of 21st Century Skills. For example:

  • 100% of Designing U students are on track to finish high school and every student plans on matriculating into post-secondary education
  • 100% of student showed an increase in their active contribution to group activities.
  • 100% of students attended classes prepared to work on projects and complete the tasks at hand. 
  • The number of students who felt they had a network of supportive and motivating adults went from 50% to 100%.
  • 90% of students saw a positive change in their self-esteem.
  • The number of students who went beyond minimum project requirements nearly doubled during the course of the year.
  • The number of students who reported caring about school went from less than  2/3rds of students to nearly all.
  • 90% of students demonstrated an increase in their ability to positively receive feedback and incorporate it into their projects.
  • The number of students who were proficient at sharing their thoughts appropriately and professionally while working with others more than tripled.
  • Almost every student demonstrated increased proficiency in social and cultural competencies by working effectively with people of different racial or ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, or religious preferences.
  • The number of students who found value in the strengths of others while pursuing a common goal doubled.

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