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Staff Development

Offered by the Center for Afterschool and Expanded Learning

Put Best Practices in Action

Effective professional development turns best practice research into on-site action. The Center for Afterschool and Expanded Learning provides professional development to build the educational quality of programs serving children and youth from kindergarten through high school.

Working with afterschool organizations, networks, charter schools, school districts, and program directors and leaders, we offer professional development and training that equips leaders and staff with approaches, techniques and tools they need to make-and keep-out-of-school time an exciting space for learning. We work with national, state, and local leaders to build systems and processes to keep the quality going and growing.

Learn More About Trainings from the Center

  • Afterschool education-what it is and how to do it from elementary through high school
  • Support school content learning
  • Link with the school day
  • Family engagement
  • English language learning and literacy
  • Sustain quality
  • Tools and publications to keep it going

Talk with staff at the Center to select trainings to fit your needs, schedule, and resources.

Fees are based on time, materials, travel, and number of participants. Please contact the Center for details.