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Business and School Support Services

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Let's Tackle
Your Challenges

It's time to stop struggling and start getting results. Put our expertise to work for your school, teachers and students. To learn more about how we can tailor our services and help you offer your students the foundations for a brighter future, contact us at 888-977-5437.









Custom Solutions, Proven Results

What's the toughest challenge on your desk right now? Student performance? Finances? Maybe you can't pick just one, given all the moving parts involved with running a school.

Good news: You have a partner standing by to help where and when you need it most. Foundations Business and School Support Services get results—from balanced books to heightened academic achievement. Since 1992, we've played a big role in the design, opening, assessment and progress of 100+ elementary, middle and high schools of all types. We'll make a difference for your school, too.

Experience + Energy

We know what you're up against. We're former superintendents, teachers, principals, financial officers, evaluators and curriculum specialists. Merging our collective know-how with new innovations leads to solutions that work in the real world.  Our exuberance matches our experience. We love helping schools and students thrive, and we stop at nothing to reach your goals. Plus, you'll really like working with us—a major bonus when teamwork matters.

Wise Investment

Proven results and skilled experts are reasons enough to recruit Foundations. Here's another: economics. In some cases, you could hire staffers to provide our services. But you'd have to pay salaries and benefits, like insurance and retirement—both of which seem to soar every year. Contract arrangements with Foundations give you reliable help without the costly overhead.

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To learn more about our School Services, call 888-977-5437 or email schoolservices@foundationsinc.org.