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School Support Services

We've helped improve student and teacher performance at schools that reflect the full diversity of American education—charter, district-run, choice, independent, alternative and nontraditional. How can we help yours?

Nationally recognized as a leading force in professional development and technical assistance, Foundations works with teachers and leaders to elevate academic achievement before, during and after school hours.


Helping teachers and leaders elevate student achievement

  • Professional Development
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Special Education Compliance/Support
  • Grade Level Reading & Literacy Support
  • School Assessment & Improvement
  • Charter School Opening, Renewal & Turnaround Support


Personalized Professional Development

You can learn something new every day. Just ask educators. We make it easy, with customized on-site or online workshops in several areas, including targeted initiatives for afterschool educators and program administrators. Looking to improve elementary school literacy? Check. How about infusing technology into high school classrooms? There's a workshop for that, too.

Instructional Intelligence

Student achievement and instructional quality often go hand in hand. Our experienced educators and school leaders provide intensive instructional coaching to help teachers improve their classroom performance in ways that translate into student successes.

Leaders Coaching Leaders

We love getting sent to the principal's office. It means our Leadership Coaches get to help you tackle your toughest challenges. You'll get tailored strategies for better planning, organizing and delegating—along with a winning game plan for improving school-wide communication and instructional practices. Our collaborative style keeps your whole leadership team focused on the goal.

Specialized Support for Special Education

No question, Special Education is complicated. Our experienced team builds the capacity of yours to address each student's learning needs, customize and monitor Individual Education Plans, develop and implement policies and procedures, and of course, stay compliant with federal and state mandates. We'll also demystify regulations and support continuity through staff professional development, budgeting and monitoring support, and case management for complicated issues, like parental concerns and medication matters.

Leveling the Literacy Playing Field

Across the nation, we're equipping educators with strategies to help more K-3 students read early and read well. Fuel literacy for your students with our proven professional development, technical assistance, coaching and extended-day learning programs.

Enhance and Advance

Get a clear understanding of your school's strengths and opportunities for improvement with OSASIP®, our customized On Site School Assessment / School Improvement Process. Once we identify any issues, we'll help you develop an action plan to address them based on the shared characteristics of successful schools.

Top Choice of Charters

We have an impressive track record of supporting charter schools at every phase—opening, renewal, turnaround and ongoing success. We also train board leaders in all areas of governance, from core policy development and defining roles to effective decision-making.

Put Our Experience to Work

It's time to stop struggling and start getting results. Put our expertise to work for your school, teachers and students. To learn more about how we can tailor our services and help you offer your students the foundations for a brighter future, contact us at 888-977-5437.

To learn more about our School Services, call 888-977-5437 or email schoolservices@foundationsinc.org.