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Online Store Frequently Asked Questions


Purchasing Questions

I am paying with a PO do you just need a PO # to send me my purchase and/or register me for a webinar/online training?
No, we need a fax of the PO sent to 856-533-2701 before any product is shipped and/or your webinar/online training registration is finalized.

What credit cards do Foundations accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Does Foundations charge shipping?
Yes, we charge for shipping on all shippable products. Our shipping charge is 8% of the total purchase.

Does Foundations provide bulk discounts?
Yes, we do provide bulk discounts for publications and on-demand webinars. For purchases of 5+ of the same product a savings of 10% OR 10+ of the same product a savings of 15% with be taken off your total at checkout. For live webinars, the bulk discount rate is 10% off with the purchase of 10 or more, and 5% off with the purchase of 5 or more.

For orders of 20 or more please call 888-977-5437 or email store@foundationsinc.org.

My credit card is rejected from Foundations store?
The most common reason for our authorizing system not to accept a credit card transaction is the inputted billing address, city, state, zip does not match the address, city, state, zip on the credit card account.


Webinar/Online Training Questions

What equipment do I need to participate in webinar/online training?
You will need a computer, Internet connection and speakers.

Can I have more than myself view a webinar/online training?
Yes, you can have more than 1 person view a webinar/online training. However, it is $34.95 per desktop/registration so you will need to share your computer screen or use a projector to project the screen for a large group.

Can I forward the webinar/online training confirmation email to my staff so they can view the webinar/online training with me?
No, you cannot forward your confirmation email to staff. Any addition participants who have not registered with their own name will be block from viewing the webinar/online training.

I am purchasing for someone else to participate in the webinar/online training what do I do?
Please input your own information for the billing info and the participant's information for the webinar/online training registration.

How do I participate in the webinar/online training?
Each webinar/online training is very interactive. The presenter will ask for feedback and take any questions from the participants during each webinar/online training. Participants will respond and ask questions in a chat pod much like any instant messenger.

I purchased a PD@your.desktop LIVE but missed it. What do I do?
Foundations records each PD@your.desktop LIVE. If you missed the LIVE session we will email the recording link to you. You will have 24-hour access to view the recording.

I purchased one PD@your.desktop ON-DEMAND. How long do I have to view it?
You have 24-hour access to view your PD@your.desktop ON-DEMAND purchase.

I purchased PD@your.desktop On-demand Staff Training Package. How will I receive access to the webinars/online trainings?
The registrant for the Staff Training Package will receive an email with a username, password, and all webinar/online training links.

How do I give my staff access to the Staff Training Package?
We recommend sending each staff member the username, password and appropriate webinar/online training link to log on to the webinar/online training you would like them to participate in.

How would I know if my staff participated in the Staff Training Package webinars/online trainings?
Each PD@your.desktop ON-DEMAND provides Reflection Questions to respond to the webinar/online training's topic. When staff fills out all of the Reflection Questions they have finished viewing the webinar/online training.


Publication Questions

Do I need any special software installed onto my computer to use the CDs?
Yes, you will need software installed on your computer to view file extensions .pdf, .doc, .xls, and .ppt.

Are Foundations publications just for afterschool educators?
No, Foundations publications provide great content that can be used before and during the school day.

Are there any trainings on how to use each publication?
Yes, we provide FREE Use That Book! Webinars on all of our publications and CD Packs. Go to http://foundationsinc.org/resources/free-webinars for more information.